Choosing granite counter tops for your kitchen or vanity? Then you are picking what could prove to be the best available overall option and the perfect choice of natural stone for the job. This stone is pretty close to impossible to damage from day to day wear and tear or by scratching. Granite’s ideal quality is that it’s a stone that is very hard naturally making it resistant to hot or cold temperatures, it will not blister or crack, this makes it the ideal surface for the kitchen. Visually, it has a sophisticated some would say luxurious appeal that can bring alive any room. In fact it could be the perfect backdrop for your other interior design decisions.

Premier Flooring offers granite counter tops, vanity tops, and customized furniture tops for both residential and commercial applications. Our granite products are beautifully crafted and provide lasting and exquisite surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, and barbecue tops. They also give luxurious and rich touches for dining tables, buffet tables, and any other furniture tops. Our professional installation team will build your dream kitchen and make all of your granite dreams come true! We supply the best granite materials that echo timeless natural elegance. You can count on us for high quality, wide selection, and direct-importer pricing. Choose from a world of selection of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone, including travertine, marble and granite, for all your flooring, walls, and countertop projects.