Laminate floors combine a realistic impression of real hardwood, stone, and tile with an extremely durable finish. These floors have become a popular alternative to real hardwood and vinyl floors. Laminate flooring is suitable for many of your rooms: hallways, family spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are also perfect for an active home. Because of the outstanding durability that Laminate possesses, it is one of the best choices for households with heavy foot traffic, kids, or pets. No matter how much traffic passes through your home, laminates will continue to look like new for years. Laminate flooring will also provide a much cleaner and healthier living environment when compared to other flooring such as carpets, with regular cleaning cycles. It accumulates less dust, pet dander, allergens and it doesn’t hold residual stain contaminants on the surface. Allergic people will often be recommended to remove the carpets from the living space.

Typical laminate flooring is also an extreme economical solution if you take in consideration the costs of alternate flooring. Solid hardwood floors will require refinishing at least four to five times throughout its life, and carpets and vinyl will need to be replaced at least twice (depending on traffic loads), while laminates don’t require anything. At first look, laminate flooring seems to be a natural wood floor but in fact is a layer of paper under a tough protective film that is glued and pressed to a high-density backing board. There are also types of laminate planks that are installed over a moisture barrier which levels any uneven areas of the floor. You don’t need any glue or nails for them because the planks snap together.