Laminate flooring is a great option for all rooms of your home. From the hallways, to the bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, there isn’t a laminate flooring option that won’t look good in your home. It is durable, easy to care for, and helps create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones. At Premier Flooring, we make sure that each one of our clients receives the flooring option that is best for their home and tastes. We have a wide stock of laminate flooring options that will elevate your decor. In this blog, we’ll discuss different ways that you can take care of your laminate flooring, and help it last for years to come.

Keep Them Protected

Water and laminate do not mix. Make sure that if something is spilled on your flooring, that you wipe it up. Additionally, traditional mopping is a no-go. Place a mat under your pet’s water bowl, or a mat under your child’s high chair. This will keep your floor protected from potential moisture. When you clean your laminate flooring, don’t use anything that promotes a shine. This will cause a buildup that is difficult to remove. For example, avoid using pine-scented cleaners. These promote a shine and leaves a soapy residue. When it comes to cleaning your laminate flooring, vinegar is an effective option when used sparingly. Using too much vinegar on your laminate flooring can remove the protective seal on your laminate. Another way to protect your floors is to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on your floors. The pointy heel can damage the laminate.

Follow Manufacturing Guidelines

When it comes to flooring, especially laminate flooring, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. When it comes to your flooring, you don’t want to make a costly mistake. If you are unsure how to care for your flooring, either call the manufacturer or ask your flooring expert. If you move into a home with laminate flooring, make sure you sweep, dust, or vaccum up loose dirt. If you have to mop the floor, damp mopping is ideal. Avoid overly wet mopping as to avoid water seeping behind the baseboards. All of the specifics will be outlined in the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Sweep your flooring often. This helps to collect the pet hair, dust, and dirt that collects on the floor. Your vacuum is also a helpful tool on laminate flooring. Along with regular cleaning, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected spills. Here is how to remove specific stains on your laminate flooring:


  • Blood – Although no one wishes to have blood shed in the home, sometimes it happens. If blood gets on your laminate flooring, it can be removed with a window cleaner.
  • Candle Wax – When candle wax spills to your floor, let the wax harden before scraping it off with a plastic knife. Do NOT use a metal knife for this.
  • Chewing Gum – Place a bag of ice onto the blob of gum. Then, once the gum has hardened, scrape it off with a plastic knife.
  • Grease – Mineral spirits are a great way to remove grease or tar that gets on your laminate flooring.
  • Shoe Scuff Marks – A simple pencil eraser will do the trick when it comes to removing scuff marks.
  • Ink/Crayon – Remove ink or crayon stains with rubbing alcohol.
  • Nail Polish – Rubbing alcohol is also a great way to remove nail polish on your laminate.
  • Red Wine – Simply wipe off with a damp cloth.


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